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We would like to draw your attention to the following.

Please read this rental agreement carefully and fill in the required fields. To ensure you a perfect service the personal information should be complete.

A car can only be hired by submitting a valid credit card (Visa- Master card). The credit card is basically a deposit that we hold until you return the vehicle, the deposit shall be credited toward payment of the rental fee and any excess shall be returned within the month. The amount of the deposit depends on the car category so upon reception of the vehicle please provide a passport, driving permit and a credit card. To make your car rental more comfortable and safer we provide extra services: child and baby seats, navigation system (GPS), additional insurances, motorway passes and unlimited mileage covering.

Every rental contract includes a CDW-TP insurance, this covers any damage to the vehicle resulting from an accident. A minimum excess for CDW varies according to the type of vehicle: 500 TL for the economic cars, 1000 TL for the middle group and 7000 for the luxury cars. Loss or damages arising from an accident-free status will be evaluated by the technical service and charged to the car renter. Under this rental agreement the renter is responsible for all damages, however he can buy additional coverage to protect himself against some or all risks. The car renter remains jointly and severally liable to all third parties and is fully responsible for the cost of any repair.

The car renter loses all insurance coverage: by violating traffic regulations, exaggerating speed, ignoring stop signs and traffic lights, driving with a flat tire, damaging or soiling the vehicle while transporting pets,pushing up the engine to excessive height, in case of an accident by not properly filling out a claim, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, allowing a third person to drive the rental vehicle. The renter is responsible for all loss and/or damages to the car under all circumstances.

Apart from an accident, the insurance will not cover any damages to the tires, windscreens and headlights and is not liable for scratches and dents to the vehicle, damage caused by cigarettes, loss of the car papers or keys.

The renter is responsible for all traffic fines, omitting to pay a fine will result in a 20% additional service charge. If the tenant has paid the traffic fine himself he must prove it with the necessary receipts.

Motorway tolls and bridge crossings are not included in the rental lease, at the end of the rental agreement these fees will be added to the bill along with a V.A.T and  10 TL service charge.

Damages caused by negligent driving manners and the resulting repairs, towing and service charges shall be paid by the car renter, who is bound to return the vehicle in good condition at the agreed location on time.

In case of an accident, the renter will not move the car and immediately notify the police or gendarmerie to obtain a collision report form and to submit to an alcohol test. The speed limit is 50 km in urban areas, 90 km on the open roads, 110 km per hour on divided intercity highway and 120 km on the motorways.

Economic and middle class vehicles are bound by a daily limit of 400 km,the luxury group has a limit of 220 km per day. All additional kilometres will be charged at a rate of 2 TL (0,75 euro) per km.

The renter will inspect the vehicle immediately upon delivery to ensure its condition and to check the level of the fuel tank. At the end of the rental agreement the fuel tank will be at the same level. Failure to fill the car will result in an 50 TL service charge on top of the fuel cost. Date Name/surname Signature

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