Rental Guide


Rental Terms

Rental Age

- Age 21 for economy group vehicles (Renault Clio, Renault Taliant, Nissan Micra, Opel Corsa, Fiat Egea, Citroen C-Elysee, Peugeot 301 etc.)

- 25 years old for medium group vehicles (Renault Megane, Dacia Jogger, Kia Stonic)

- 27 years old for upper group vehicles ( VW T-Roc, Peugeot 3008)

- Be 30 years or older for luxury group vehicles. (MB E Class, MB GLE, GLC etc.)

Credit card use and deposit

During the rental, the passenger is requested to have a credit card according to their own name. Internet use of this credit card must be turned on. Although it varies according to the vehicle group they rent from this credit card, a pre-authorization should not be taken for economic, middle and upper group vehicles and luxury group vehicles. After 1 business day of the end of your rental, the necessary action is taken in our office for the progress of the provisioning process.

License duration

- At least 2 years for economic group vehicles,

- At least 3 years for medium group vehicles,

- For top and luxury group vehicles, it is necessary to have a driving license of at least 5 years.

Since the above prerequisites will be required during the rental, you can receive the vehicle if you have your driver's license and credit card with you. Our customers who are not Turkish citizens are required to have a passport and a document showing that the date of entry to Turkey is less than 6 months. Our foreign licensed customers who have been in Turkey for more than 6 months are required to show a Turkish Driver's License.


Prepaid reservation conditions

The credit card holder (user name must be written on the card) and the person who will receive the vehicle must be the same. The payment card will be required to be presented at the office.

Our reservation cancellation and refund conditions for the vehicle you rented from Dinamik Turizm İşletmeleri San.Tic.A.Ş. are as follows:

 1- If there is more than 12 hours before the rental time, you can cancel your reservation without giving any reason. The entire reservation fee will be returned to your credit card within 7 working days.

2- If the reservation is canceled less than 12 hours before the rental time, the 1 day rental fee and extra purchased services and products are deducted from the reservation amount and the remaining amount is returned to the credit card you have specified during the rental within 7 days.

3- If the vehicle is not received at the rental time without canceling the reservation, the provisions regarding the cancellation of the reservation within less than 12 hours are applied and the 1 day rental fee and the extra purchased services and products are deducted and the remaining amount is returned to the credit card you have declared during the rental within 7 days.

4- In case the vehicle is delivered earlier than the rental period after receipt, a 30% deduction will be made from the daily rental price for the remaining days and a refund will be made.

5- Cancellation notifications must be made verbally or via WhatsApp application via the phone number +90 536 565 24 23.

 On-site payment reservation conditions

You can get free cancellation.

In order to finalize your reservation, our authorities may request payment of the rental fee 24 hours before your rental. If you do not want to pay, your reservation may be canceled by us.

 Provision amounts

Vehicle Groups

Sample Vehicles

  Provision        Amount


Renault Clio

     2000 TL


 Nissan Micra,Opel Corsa,Renault Clio

2000 TL


 Peugeot 301

2000 TL


  Kia Stonic

2000 TL 


 Renault Megane

2000 TL


Citroen C-Elysee

2000 TL


 VW T-Rock, Peugeot 3008,Kia Stonic

6000 TL


 Ford Custom Minibus

6000 TL

Price Conditions and services and products included in the prices

 All prices you see on the site include the following services and products:

- Exempted Accident Coverage

- All prices include Exempt Accident Cover (CDW). Exempt Accident Coverage covers damage in the event of a collision. In case the insurance conditions are fulfilled, the customer will compensate the damage caused by the collision, in amounts varying according to the vehicle group, at the expense of the customer. This insurance does not cover damages that are not in impact and collision (scratches, scuffs, dents, rubber glass headlight).


Vehicle Groups

Exemption Amount

Economy Group

12000,00 TL

Medium Group

17000,00 TL

Upper and Luxury Group

25000,00 TL

Attention !!

In the following cases, the Exempt Accident Cover will be void and cell damage will not be covered by the insurance:

- Letting the vehicle be used by someone other than the person whose name is written on the rental contract,

- Using the vehicle outside of normal operating conditions (using the vehicle with high engine temperature, bad road conditions or walking on a flat tire, misfuelling the vehicle and other similar situations),

- Using the vehicle outside of traffic rules (exceeding the legal speed limits, crossing a red light and other similar violations),

- Using the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs,

Damage or accident caused by a load carried in the vehicle,

- Using the vehicle carelessly and without taking precautions (not adjusting the speed according to the road conditions in rainy weather, not following the vehicle in front from the minimum safety distance and other similar uses),

- Not reporting an accident or theft to the contact phones to be given to the customer immediately, leaving the vehicle at the accident site (except in the case of an obstructive situation determined by a doctor's report),

- Failure to receive the necessary reports (traffic and alcohol report) within 24 hours from the relevant authorities in an accident,

- If the vehicle is stolen, the original key cannot be delivered.

- Failure to deliver the vehicle without approval and despite the expiry of the rental period,

- Damage to the vehicle or the opposite side due to the loads carried inside the vehicle,

- Damages to the tire, glass or headlight are not included in the Exemption Accident Coverage. This guarantee can be purchased separately.

- Financial compensation amounts arising from damage to third parties are covered under the scope of compulsory financial liability insurance. The customer is responsible for the amounts out of the coverage limits.

Services and products excluded from the prices

- Non-Exempt Damage Insurance (Top Cover)

 In the event of an accident, it is the assurance that will eliminate the tenant's liability in varying amounts depending on the rented vehicle group.

- Mini Damage Guarantee (Mini Damage)

Parking lot etc without any collision with a third party. It is an assurance package that covers mini-damages up to 1.500 TL in places such as There is no need to keep a report. If the amount of damage is over 1.500 TL, a report must be obtained.

- Mega Mini Damage Assurance (Mega Mini Damage)

Parking lot etc without any collision with a third party. It is an assurance package that covers mini damages up to 3.000 TL in places such as the customer's statement. There is no need to keep a report. If the amount of damage is over 3.000 TL, a report must be obtained.

- Tyre, Glass, Headlight Assurance (LCF)

It covers the risks of damage to the vehicle's headlights, windows and tires.

 - Individual Accident Insurance (BKG)

It pays the treatment costs of the passengers in the vehicle within the limits. It includes accident and treatment expenses of 1.000 TL per person, 10.000 TL death and permanent disability coverage. You can purchase this assurance by paying .................... TL/day per day.

- Theft Assurance

It covers the "job loss compensation" arising between the theft of the vehicle and the insurance payment. You can purchase this assurance by paying /day per day.

 - Third Party Liability Assurance

Material damages caused to third parties by the vehicle are covered within the limits determined by the compulsory traffic insurance.

- One Way Fee

In case the vehicle is to be rented or delivered at a different point than the specified stations, a one-way fee is applied. (Please ask for availability)


Vehicles are delivered with a full tank of fuel as much as possible and a full tank is requested to be returned. In case the vehicle is delivered with a full tank of fuel and is returned to us with a missing tank of fuel,  "Fuel Filling Service Fee" and VAT will be requested from the lessor in addition to the calculated fuel price (ALL FUEL RECIPE IS REQUIRED). It will be much more economical for the lessor to deliver the vehicle with the fuel level at which it was purchased.


For the HGS service used at toll highway and bridge crossings and at the entrances of National Parks, the usage fee and additional fee and V.A.T TL/rental service fee are collected separately from the rental fee.

- Additional KM Package

Limited mileage is applied in your rentals, 300 km per day. You can do a maximum of 3.000 km in a rental. If you exceed the mileage, it will be charged as .........................TL /km + V.A.T.

- Additional Driver

If the driver's license is shown and the rental prerequisites are met (except for the deposit prerequisite), a fee of   .................TL/day is charged for the second driver and each subsequent driver.

 - Baby and Child Seats

Baby and child seats can be provided to the vehicles. If you specify during your reservation, our reservation officers will inform you.

-Lease Change Requests

In cases where it is not possible to meet a requested change operationally (e.g. vehicle reservation, maintenance mileage, etc.), this demand may not be met. Even if the change request is accepted, an additional fee may be charged as this will change the price calculation that was determined at the beginning. In early returns, 30% of the amount to be refunded is deducted as early return fee and the remaining amount is refunded. A change that may occur in any of the following conditions may change the rental terms. The request for an extension of the rental period is received by phone in the first extension and the fee is collected and approved by mail order. For further extension requests, the vehicle must be brought to one of our offices and checked.

- Changing the return date and time (extension/early return)

- Change of return station

- Vehicle group change

- Request to add an additional driver to the contract

- Time difference

The rental period is 24 hours. An amount equal to 30% of the daily rental price may be requested for each hour of late delivery. Delays in the delivery of the vehicle without approval may result in the deactivation of the Insurance Benefit Coverage (Full or Exempt Accident Coverage), and may also result in an additional hourly difference fee.

- Traffic Fine Service Cost

The tenant is responsible for the traffic fines arising from the use of the vehicle during your rental, Dinamik Turizm A.Ş. will demand the fine from the tenant. Due to the costs incurred during the payment of the traffic fine, a service fee of 50 TL/penalty will be requested from the tenant in addition to the fine.

- Other Operational Extras

You can get information about the price and availability if you inform our reservation officers about the services you think may be needed during your journey.

- Reservation Conditions

The reservations you have made through our website are valid with the following conditions:

The information entries you make on our site are made in a secure environment. After completing the reservation, you will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address you have specified, stating that a reservation has been received as specified. You need to keep this e-mail, you will not be able to reach this e-mail through the site again. Dinamik Turizm A.Ş. You agree in advance to send e-mails for marketing and announcement purposes. Likewise, you agree to send the relevant marketing SMS to the mobile phone number you have provided.

In case of inconsistency in reservation information such as price, vehicle group, rental dates, Dinamik Turizm A.Ş. records will be used. Due to typos or a possible missing information, Dinamik Turizm A.Ş. will not be held responsible.

In case of a request for a change in the reservation you have made (taking the return date before or after, changing the return station, changing the vehicle group, adding an additional driver to the contract), the request cannot be met, and if it is met, an additional fee may be requested or a reduction in the rental price may not be made.

All prices you see on our site include Accident Insurance with Exemption, VAT and the right to use the specified mileage. For your other additional service needs, you can get information on our website or when you come to our office

If there is a change in the rental day during the reservation and rental phase, the standard list price specified in the rental contract will be applied.

A lease contract will be signed during the rental. Even if you have made a reservation, Dinamik Turizm A.Ş. may not deliver the vehicle when it deems necessary. You can call our call center for detailed information.

Although it is not a common practice, the selected vehicle brand and model in the reservation you have made can be replaced with an equivalent vehicle.

Although all precautions have been taken to avoid any problems in your travels, in case of a possible need, please call the contact phones that will be notified to you.

After you have made a definite reservation, you will be called by our reservation department or you will receive a message. You can pay with your credit card at the reservation stage or with your credit card when picking up the vehicle. Depending on the vehicle group you rent, a pre-authorization of at least ........................ TL can be blocked from your credit card. When it deems necessary at the time of vehicle delivery, Dinamik Turizm A.Ş. may cancel the delivery of the vehicle by refunding the fee you paid, if any, even if a definite reservation has been made.

The reservations you have made on our site are valid if the "Car Rental Conditions" are read and accepted by you.

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